How to feed a turtle ?

Which diet for a turtle ? a herbivorous reptile? Their needs ? How many ?

List of food for tortoise, iguana, pogona ... In short this list is valid for all the herbivorous reptiles that have important needs in calcium. Stop giving canned foods that are very expensive, unsuitable and most of the time lead to dietary calcium deficiency ... if you want to save money and provide a natural and adapted food, give the natural ...

In the life of a tortoise there are three essential things:

  1. The Food
  2. The sun
  3. the way you take care

All about agrobs dry food

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Why feed with PRE ALPIN Testudo Agrobs?

Pre Alpin Testudo is the staple food ideal for all tortoises. Pre Alpin Testudo is composed of a diversity of grasses and fibers that exists only in the Bavarian Alps: there are over 60 varieties of different grasses and herbs, a natural product of organic farming! The Institute of Zoology in Munich considers the range of Alpine Meadow Testudo as foods particularly well suited to all tortoises.


· Very low protein

· Optimal Digestion

· Decongestant for the liver and kidneys

· Good elimination of toxins

· Herbs pressed plugs 15 mm

Contains no adjuvant flavor, or preservatives

Pre Alpin Testudo is a natural product made without the addition of binding or complement such as straw and which aim to reduce the level of protein. The phenomena of loss of leaflets (thin sheets) legumes (most nutritious part of the plant) due to repeated mechanical treatments during wilting and secondary fermentation that are observed during haying are excluded here. Thus, plants retain their most nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins they contain at harvest. It is also important to emphasize the high digestibility of all components.

Alpine meadow Testudo consists of extremely poor in albumen fodder. The proteins are of high quality and cover optimally the needs of turtles. The weakness of this albumen content (protein content) was particularly on the liver and kidneys of these animals and a decongestant promotes proper elimination of toxins, which is especially important before the period of winter rest.


In nature, turtles often live in arid and seem very well adapted to this restricted food supply. Turtles home by cons, are often over-fed and yet at the same time suffer from deficiencies: too much protein, too easily assimilated energy, too toxic, low in fiber and vital substances.


What are turtles?

All turtles can eat this food. It still requires some practice. Turtles accustomed or who absolutely must eat dry food (Geochelone sulcata, Astrochelys radiata, etc.) used to feed compressed cork, leaves dried herbs eat without problem. For turtles that are not used, you can mix the fibers, slightly moistened with fresh food.

When they give Agrobs?

All year round, whenever you want .... very useful in case of shortage in summer, or if you have not had time to pick your favorite herbs ... and especially this power will be 10 times better than n 'any "salad" and unlike foods usually sold commercially as natural, no cereal or animal by-products ... Unlike other commercial foods, herbs can be Agrobs data at will, and replace fresh feed.

In summary, food Agrobs:

is extremely low in protein and high fiber
promotes detoxification of the body
provides a diet identical to that found in nature they
maintains a healthy intestinal flora
does not contain grain or ingredients of animal origin
provides an ideal ratio of calcium-phosphorus
can be given at will
is preservative free and flavor
recommended by the Institute of Zoology in Munich
conditioned by 1 kg (in bulk) 8 kg, and 12.5 kg

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Questions about agrobs

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Which agrobs choose? Herbs or fibers?

Both have the same quality. Only changes the packaging: herbs
are compressed as a stopper; not the fibers.
The herbs will generally be given slightly damp, the fibers
can be given dry mixing them in a bowl with their
usual food. For exotic species such as sulcata, the agrobs
may be given dry, at will: in general the winter (on the mainland) which corresponds
in the dry season in Africa.

How much?

Turtles do not gorge of this type of food and the extent
agrobs consist of the fiber very diverse, you can give will. (actually you doserez based on the number of turtles and you'll increase the dose depending on what is left in the afternoon) Food will be changed every day.

The user manual of agrobs

Herbs, dipped 5 seconds plugs will see less in water, the excess water is then removed and the agrobs given as que.Au few minutes the caps will start to unravel. It is important not to put too much water, the risk of you end up with mush. The fibers will be slightly moistened with a spray bottle or mixed with dry food. For my part, I agrobs testudo fiber mixture with rackets of opuntia cut into pieces for my sulcata and radiata. see this video:


Agrobs testudo baby is for juveniles and will be sprinkled on their food slightly damp so that agrobs adheres to it.

My turtle does not like!

I gave agrobs who are regaled with all these species: Herman (Hermanni and boettgeri), Marginata, Astrochelys radiata, sulcata and testudo graeca.
Why did they eat? Because she had nothing else! You know, turtles
are not stupid, and like children they will prefer sweets (dandelions) with green beans (the agrobs)
Day 1: diet (nothing to feed) do not worry turtles will not die;).
Day 2: prepare the agrobs as described above and give nothing else, put the turtles in front
the bowl and let it. She did not eat anything? So you are stubborn turtle;) Repeat the next morning with agrobs again ... if it does not eat, is that she found something else in the park, otherwise I guarantee you she will eat. Do this several days so she gets used to this type of food and the smell ... and off you go. You can even afterwards, when she will be well used, dry them, a more permanent arrangement of fresh herbs. See this video of babies 1 to 3 years, and herman marginata agrobs testudo herbs, moistened and placed on the ground for the video:

Can be given exclusively agrobs?

This will seem surprising for a seller, but I would say no.
1 - because despite the certainty of having a biological supply agrobs, with over sixty different kinds of herbs there are certainly elements or vitamins that may go away after drying.
2 - The nature das turtles feed on fresh grass.
3 - I have no info on hindsight or reptiles being fed exclusively with agrobs for many years.

So .....

So do like me: you can alternate dry / fresh. 1 week to 2. Stir or give agrobs in summer when food is scarce (it will be much better than vegetable salads) or winter for the same reason.


Cuttings of Opuntia ficus indica

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1 - How a racquet cuttings of Opuntia ficus indica ?

The racket: first you need a good racket, without evidence of decay. The racquet will be hard consistency (not flexible). If the racket was freshly cut (which is the case that I offer) must be allowed to dry 1 to 2 weeks in a dry time that the base, where the racket was cut completely dry: this is paramount if you do not want the racket
The substrate: the Opuntia cacti are like all, and we need a well drained substrate. A mixture of 50% garden soil and sand 50% agree.

Cuttings snowshoeing: your racket has healed and you have prepared your soil mix, it only remains to planting.
At the bottom of the pot (no clay pot that dries too quickly) you put a draining layer 2/3 inches high rocks, flower pot shard, etc., but no ball of clay that retains too the moisture. The racquet will be planted by a third in the soil mix. You pack it well and you water lightly. You put your cutting in a warm place but not in direct sunlight. Watering will be renewed when the earth will be dry in depth. A tip: Lift the pot and you will realize the difference in weight when your opuntia needs water. The roots usually appear within two weeks maximum after planting. FYI, I have to Opuntia rackets that were stored on the floor of my garage and have developed roots, simply through the soil moisture of concrete it and other rackets in a bucket without water tight but put together they had the same result.

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