Opuntia pads

Opuntia ficus indica pads

A diet for all turtles

A diet adapted to all turtles, high concentration of calcium, which is preserved for a very long time in a cool place and protected from light (see the fridge) .... Can be mixed with agrobs to have a diet balanced.

 Ideal for turtles that do not hibernate and during periods when fresh natural food is absent. The snowshoes are sent rid of the thorns but it can of time remain some but not serious for turtles. Dehydrated opuntia pads can also be mixed with agrobs for a balanced diet and always available.
More info follow the links: how to cuttings opuntia's pads

Fresh Opuntia - 200 gr

calcium concentrate

Cactus powder - Opuntia Ficus indica for reptiles, snails 90 or 250 gr

Dried opuntia cactus flower - 70 or 180 gr

Bio certified ecocert 


Dry Cactus Opuntia ficus indica

1 kg dry = 2.5/3 kg fresh

Agrobs, organic dried calendula flower 100 gr

Marigold flower for turtle and rodents

Dried opuntia cactus flower - 70 gr