Heat/uv lamps

Every reptiles need : heat, light and uv

 Which bulb for which reptile ?


Each bulb has a different use. You have the bulbs that heat without giving light, those that heat without UV, those that combine the 2 (Heat and UV); so we will help you choose your bulb.

Reptiles need to survive from heat, night and day. Ceramic bulbs allow to perfectly heat a terrarium, without bringing light. IR bulbs are long lasting bulbs that provide warmth and light. Important! : for ceramic bulbs, please use ceramic bushings, not plastic. The heated spots bring a hot spot, light but no uv. Bulbs and UV lamps such as Solar Raptor, RepTech and Solar Glo provide uvb, essential for the survival of a reptile.

Reptiles who live the majority of their lives in terrarium, daytime animals, and who need uv (Pogona, desert lizard, tortoises, water turtles, iguanas ...) : Solar Raptor Lamp and Reptech

Nocturnal reptiles (need heat but little uv): ceramic bulb or infrared + a bulb energy saving

Reptiles who live in terra only a short time, and spend most of their lives outside during the hot season, or the inter-seasons: solar bulbs Raptor, Reptech, or Solar glo.

Other bulbs "uva" give only light or heat and are used to create hot spots in certain areas of the terrarium, or for some aquatic turtles.

For information, you will need in addition to the bulb a lamp or baffle with ceramic socket (especially for those that heat); lamp adapted to the power of the bulb.

Heating Spot 100 watt Hobby

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Bulb protection Glow Lite Small exo terra

Suitable for bulbs sold on site (except SUNRAY)
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