Common Mallow - 2 grammes - see pics

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The Mallow ( Malva Sylvestris) is a plant furthermore interessantes due to its staunch, puncture-proof solidity, when the foot mother is installed(settled) well, the plant grows constantly and extends well enough. Even cut in short, she(it) pushes away(repels,grows again), and the foot can beware several years (according to regions). it is rich in calcium, iron, in provitamin A and in vitamin B2. The seeds are contained in rather hard fruits which you will owe break before the plantation to spread better seeds (akènes, generally 12 by fruit) - The best way to soil them in jars and to re-prick them in full soil when plantations will have growned enough.

La Mauve à feuilles rondes , pousse au ras du sol dans les prairies sèches et les lieux rocailleux. Ses fleurs ressemblent beaucoup à celles des autres mauves mais sont plus petites. Ses feuilles sont légèrement lobées et presque rondes.
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