Turtle seed mixture - 75 gr Testumix ®

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Mixture adapted to the tortoises: red clover, white clover, alfafa, Sainfoin, wild chicory, wild Dandelion, vesce municipality, diverse Plantain, Mauve etc. (The seeds can vary according to the season)

Seed mix suitable for turtles. Composition: White Clover 20%, 20% crimson clover, sainfoin 20%, 13.4% alfalfa

, vetch 13.3%, other wild seeds: 13.3%. Wild seeds are packaged separately certified seeds (according to the regulations on trade in seeds); you will have to mix the past with other seeds before planting. The mixture may contain, among other dandelion, plantain variety, of the mallow, the scabious, amaranth, marshmallow, sow thistle etc ...

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