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Food supplement for reptiles and snails

    An organic food supplement and highly nutritious: brings calcium, vitamins and minerals make it a highly nutritious profile and extremely beneficial for maintaining the body's systems namely the pancreas, lowering cholesterol; Intestinal function increased by reducing toxins in the intestine, increases the function of the immune system. It can also solve soft stool problems in turtles that consume too much water-laden food such as chicory or other vegetables market gardeners. Directions for use: 1-Spray a little water on the food if it is dry to create adhesion - 2 - Distribute a teaspoon sprinkled on food, 3 times a week for an adult turtle, and 4 times per week for juveniles. The powder can also be sprinkled on the agrobs. Tip, you can also put the powder in a salt shaker for easier distribution. Ecocert Certified Powder - Bio

For snails, this is an excellent source of calcium: regularly put a cup of powder at their disposal.

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