Food supplement for reptiles

Food supplement for reptiles. Which to choose ?

    Depending on the reptile, the calcium requirements, the quantities and the mode of administration will be different. You will find 3 kinds of calcium for 3 different types of reptiles.

Turtles and herbivorous reptiles (pogona, iguanas, chameleons and even snails): cactus powder or calcium WITHOUT D3 is what you need, because these reptiles have uvb. Sprinkle powder on prey or food.

Reptiles, lizards and nocturnal geckos (leopard geckos, gecko tokay): Repti Calcium with D3 because these reptiles rarely put themselves under the sun or low uv.

Multi-vitamins can be given occasionally to reptiles, or to give a boost to animals weakened, sick or during the breeding season.

Cactus powder - Opuntia Ficus indica for reptiles, snails 90 or 250 gr

Small sepia bones X 3

an essential calcium intake

ReptiCalcium without D3 for reptiles 85 gr

ReptiCalcium with D3 for reptiles 85 gr

For Night Reptiles (Gecko leopard) and Cameleons

Calcium and Vitamine D3 for reptiles

Multi vitamine exo terra